STOP Violence Wyoming

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2011 at 3:01 pm

Before we really get started with this blog, I think a little bit of an introduction is in order.

The STOP Violence Program at the University of Wyoming is a program run through the Dean of Students office.  We seek to help prevent sexual assault, domestic/relationship violence, and stalking on campus.  We strive to teach students how to avoid sexual and relationship violence and stalking. 

If students should become victims of violence, we also offer services to help them recover, such as free, victim advocacy, free confidential counseling and referral to other university, and referall to other university departments or off campus agencies.

This blog is intended to be used as a supplemental tool to our outreach and educational efforts.  Through this medium, we will connect students with additional resources and information regarding sexual and relationship violence, as well as explore current trends, themes and concepts in an interactive environment designed to encourage critical thinking, dialogue, and understanding.

In short, we want  you to be up to date on what’s going on in the world related to sexual and relationship violence.  And we want you to talk about it — we want your thoughts, opinions, criticisms, ideas…Everything!  This forum is for you to be able to talk about these important issues and get feedback from educators and your fellow students!

Blogs will begin on a weekly basis, with new entries going up every Tuesday.  If you have interest in reading about a particular topic, or would like to submit your own entry, please contact the STOP Violence Coordinator, Jules Arthur at or 307-766-3434


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